Festival of The Holy MATARÓ. Next edition: 25/07/2015 26/07/2015

Besides the traditional shows and festivals all common municipality in Catalonia, the traditional singing habanera, auditions and Sardana dancing, theater, dance, dance, sports, children's entertainment evenings, include the Festival of the Holy Mataro:
- "Gospel" Mataró: the musical Gospel Sons, emerged from the Casa de la Música Popular Mataro
- Called the Festival: all the groups and troupes of the city mobilized to collect People from different parts of the city to the door of City Hall
- The most refreshing: the same night, and well into the morning, the track Central Park unites music and water
- Explosion of colors: fireworks is one of the most participatory Saints
- Return home: the last holiday, when the celebrations are about to be closed, the family accompanied Robafaves Dragon, Dwarves, the Momerota the Momeroteta and Eagle make the long journey back home 

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