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At City Hotels Hispania, people come first.

From the start, we have carefully followed the unfolding events involving Covid-19, taking all the measures, recommendations and protocols laid out by health authorities related to the hygiene, well-being and protection of our staff, suppliers and guests. We are also routinely cleaning and disinfecting the rooms, common areas and facilities in our hotels.

During this time, we have been working to implement every health and safety measure, protocol and recommendation, as well as to train and ensure the protection of our own staff at each of our hotels.

It is with great enthusiasm that we are preparing new products and services to surprise you.

Everything is ready to make your experience with us unique: we look forward to seeing you at any of our City Hotels establishments and destinations!

People come first

Stay in any of our hotels with complete
peace of mind, safety and confidence.

At City Hotels Hispania establishments, we are implementing the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness in order to guarantee a healthy and safe stay.

Suppliers, partners, our staff… all of us together have redesigned the processes and protocols inside our establishments so that your stay with us is safe and takes place in a relaxing and healthy environment.

We have certified our suppliers both in terms of the protocols for handling merchandise and of checking for biocontamination and using approved cleaning products for disinfecting all the facilities.

We have installed self-serve hand sanitiser dispensers and drop-off points for personal protective equipment (disinfectant gel, disposable gloves and masks) in various areas of our hotel in order to supplement our guests’ protective measures.

Protocol to ensure 100% safety during the arrival, welcome and check-in at the hotel: all our staff will wear masks and gloves while assisting you, observing social distancing, minimising personal interactions thanks to the new processes on our website (online check-in, detailed information on services, FAQs and invoice by email) and prioritising work with single-use, eco-friendly materials.

Our staff are the cornerstone of our hotel group. All of them have received specific training on safety, health and hygiene in order to ensure strict daily compliance with the protocols implemented by our group for the various areas to guarantee a safe environment in our establishments.

In addition to the obligatory personal protective material – gloves, masks and disinfectant gel – all our employees have received specific training for each work area, as well as instructions so they can attend to guests, answer their questions and keep them informed at all times.

Social distancing, capacity limits and physical distances in common areas, reception, swimming pools, spa & wellness and restaurants in every establishment, with readily available information and clear, simple and visible signage.

Technology plays an important role in our hotels and will allow us to engage with our guests more safely: auto check-in from the time they book their room, with quick access to their room, and instant check-out (we send the guest the invoice by email along with the ‘We hope to see you again’ email). All the information they may need before-during-after their stay is laid out on our website with quick and easy access – using QR codes that they will find in our establishments (in common areas, in the room, in the spa and in the restaurant). The restaurant menu, spa treatments, information on activities in the area, cleanliness protocols… all the information is instantly available on their mobile device, thus eliminating all unnecessary paper-based products.

Your peace of mind, health and well-being are our top priority. From the time you book a room in any of our establishments, you will receive all the information you need to make your trip perfect, so you can feel at home, in complete comfort and safety. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, with your family or partner, at City Hotels we are 100% committed to you and to anyone travelling with you.

When you book your room, you will receive a confirmation email that, in addition to the booking details, you can use to check in so you don’t have to wait once you arrive at the hotel. You can round out your stay with extra amenities that will personalise your experience in our hotels, and you will receive information (cultural, cuisine, for families) on the destination, as well as a complete guide with the safety and health measures we have taken.

When you arrive at the hotel you will find a station with hand sanitiser and personal protective material (gel, disposable wipes and masks) at the entrance, along with a QR code you can scan for all the information on protocols and best practices. Our reception staff will have your key ready so you can check in immediately. We have taken every precaution:

  • Continuous disinfection of surfaces and furniture
  • Disinfection of magnetic keys at check-in
  • Contactless payments
  • Safety distance markings
  • We have removed certain accessories as a safety measure
  • Intensive disinfection of common spaces and foot traffic areas such as corridors, lifts, lounges and any items that may come from the outside, such as luggage and supplier deliveries.

During your stay, your room will contain all the necessary information on the services at both the hotel and the destination, the safety and health measures we have implemented, and our cleaning processes and protocols, which will be available by scanning with your mobile phone the various QR codes posted.

Checking out will be even easier than checking in: simply provide your email address and we will send you a detailed invoice, as well as our quick and easy satisfaction survey that you can fill out in the comfort of your own home.

We are enhancing the cleaning and disinfection of every space in the hotel, establishing new protocols and frequencies. Our staff are ready, trained and highly committed to the safety and health of our guests. With all the protections in place, and aided by our suppliers, we have certified an entire line of highly disinfecting products and cleaning protocols in order to ensure your health.

In the rooms

  • Bedding and towels will undergo a special sterilisation process approved by our laundry service.
  • We have removed all the decorative items and accessories, stationery and other elements in the room. All the information will be available online using QR.
  • Door knobs, wardrobes, hangers, taps, controls for the air conditioning and TV, telephone, surfaces and furniture in the room will all receive special attention.
  • The bedding and towels in the rooms will never cross paths: the linen is removed from the room in a sealed bag that is sent directly to the laundry service. It will never come into contact with the clean linen.
  • Every service and amenity in the room is single-use and environmentally friendly.

In our Restaurants, Bars and Cafeterias:

  • Our ongoing concern for food safety translates into a strict protocol that describes the entire process, from the traceability, transport and handling of the ingredients, to the service we provide our guests.
  • The table linen undergoes a special sterilisation process approved by our laundry service.
  • We have rearranged the restaurant, terrace and bar areas to observe and enforce the recommended safety distance between guests, and are limiting the capacity in some cases.
  • We have replaced our breakfast buffet with one served by our staff (in some hotels through show cooking) and reinforced the option to have breakfast in the room either through room service or by means of a takeaway breakfast.
  • We are taking special care with the cleaning and sterilisation of dishes and cutlery and relying on biodegradable, single-use materials.
  • Continuous cleaning of furniture in the restaurant, terrace and bar areas after every use.

We are particularly vigilant in these spaces, where there may be higher numbers of guests.

  • We are enforcing the recommended safety distances and limiting capacity and access to swimming pools and gyms, depending on demand.
  • We are encouraging bookings for the Wellness & Spa services, as well as for the gym and the exercise machines.
  • A plan, developed in concert with our cleaning product suppliers, and our technical and maintenance staff, is in place to deep clean those facilities and areas where guests gather.

* Please ask directly at the hotel in question for more information on using the Pool & Wellness facilities.

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Here you can find a compilation of FAQs and tips on safety and hygiene in our hotel facilities

Have the staff received hygiene and safety training?

Yes, all our staff have in fact received training on every aspect related to customer service, protective and hygiene measures, disinfection measures and protocols, whether for cleaning rooms, common areas or other hotel services (kitchens, restaurants, wellness & spa and gyms).

What is the pre check-in? How can I do it?

Pre check-in is a simple process that will allow you to provide your personal information before arriving at the hotel. This process has one important advantage, which is avoiding queues: by providing your personal data, a copy of the DNI/Passport of the room’s occupants, on arrival you only need to collect your key, no waiting, no queues. Furthermore, the pre check-in process lets you round out and personalise your stay with extra products and amenities at the best price.

When you book your room at any of our hotels, you will receive a confirmation email that will contain a link to complete your pre check-in. It’s that simple.

Can I use the hotel’s common areas?

Of course, you can use the common areas in our establishments without any problem. All of them are properly marked and sanitised, in keeping with the strictest sanitary controls.

If you have any questions about the use of common areas, ask at hotel reception. We will be delighted to assist you and address your concerns.

Will the pool be open? And the gym? And the wellness & spa?

The pool, gym and wellness & spa will be open but subject to the usage rules specified by authorities at any given time. The rules for using the pool, gym and wellness & spa will be posted at these locations, and you can also ask at hotel reception about the use of these facilities.

What will breakfast be like? Will I be able to serve myself at the buffet?

We have replaced our breakfast buffet with one served by our staff (in some hotels through show cooking) and reinforced the option to have breakfast in the room either through room service or by means of a takeaway breakfast. Each hotel will offer the breakfast format that best suits the needs of its guests.

Can I have breakfast or lunch/dinner in the room?

Of course, whether you are staying in a hotel or residential hotel, you can have breakfast, lunch and/or dinner in the room in those establishments that offer room service. Ask for information at hotel reception.

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