Best Price Guarantee

What we mean by "best price guarantee"?

In City Hotels Hispania we guarantee you that by buying our website in whatever languages ​​you will always find, for your online booking, the price cheaper Internet may cover the same conditions ** booking information and more detail as each of our businesses.

If you find a better price, proceed as follows:

1 / Fill the contact form attached.

2 / Enter your reservation code issued so we can locate your booking

3 / You ask for the "best price guarantee" if within 24 hours from the date on which you made ​​your reservation, and under conditions of booking ** Best Price Guarantee, you find lowest price online.

4 / attach a screenshot you see the price and link to the website to check it.

5 / If the request is accepted and meets the conditions of booking best rate guarantee (the comparison between the two websites, must be performed exactly for the same dates and between the same rate / offer, and the same type of room) will send you an email confirming the new money improving it by 10% over what you find on the web.

Request the Best Price Guaranteed:

Name: *

Surname: *

Last name:

Phone: *

Email: *

Hotel *

Booking code: *

Screenshot: *

* * Booking Conditions Best Price Guarantee:

  • The reservation must be confirmed by City Hotels Hispania through its website in any languages.
  • The fare you find on another channel must be able to compare and match data in their hotel, room type, supply, pension, duration and dates, guests, payment terms .. and so on.
  • The fee to compared with that of net should be free of liens and taxes as well be public and verifiable by City Hotels Hispania.
  • The price difference between the confirmed reservation on the website of City Hotels Hispania with any other channel appears online in the same product at a lower price must be at least € 5 to apply for the Best Price Guarantee.

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